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Chapter 2:Yes! this is the Fanmake's main pairing!

"How could you do this to me?" Timon said to Saranoia from inside an old Hash that was just pulling in front of 'Master Fung's house of Xiaolin'."I knew this would happened."

"Your right, Timon." Saranoia said as they were getting outta the car."I'm Sorry! What can I say I'm a miserable worthless hunk of slime!" "Here." Saranoia said as she bend down to pick up a crowbar "Just take this crowbar and.."Sara said as she handed Timon the crowbar and then took of her 'WWWoW' hat, bend her head over and screams."JUST BASH MY HEAD RIGHT IN! GO AHEAD JUST BASH IT IN!"

"Sara you know I couldn't do that." Timon said denying his friend's suicide request. "You still own me five bucks." he said,  handing her back the crowbar.

As Saranoia was putting the crowbar back she heard one of the windows from Master Fung's breaking and saw the man that fell from it. she then looks from the possibly dead body and sees an old man looking out the broken window.

"Hey Fung man." Saranoia said happily while waving to the bald and ridiculously long mustached old man.

"Hiya Sara." Master Fung happily replied back.

"Beginners class, huh?" Saranoia asked referring to the recently fallen body.

"Yeah. There so stupid." Fung said referring to the new students, when suddenly another student falls out the other window. "Stupid!" Fung screamed at the fallen student.


Meanwhile inside the very cramped apartment right next door to Fung's. Saranoia was making herself a snack. which involves a Twinkie cut open, a hot dog weiner and finally, spreadable Cheez-whiz (R).

"Oh Boy!" SaraNoia said holding her snack walking up to Timon who was at the table, sulking."Look what I got here Timon! A Twinkie Weiner Sandwich! Your favorite!" Saranoia said trying (and failing) to cheer the sad meerkat up.

Saranoia then sat down as Timon looked upped at her."Aw! Come on, Timon cheer up! Remember. Hukuna Matana!" Saranoia said as she put two fingers in his mouth and made it look like his smiling."You know what that means?"

"Yeah, I means you've ruined my life!" Timon said sarcasticly as Saranoia pulled her fingers out of his mouth. "Really? Not much of a wonderful phase, is it?" Saranoia muttered to herself. Timon annoyed with his friend's stupidity, Gets up from the table and then goes to the living room.

"You know Tim-o. I think your developing a bad attitude here." Saranoia said as she also got up from the table. Timon who wasn't listening as he was busy looking for a new job in the paper."You see Tim you got to look at the big picture." Sara said as she was pouring herself a glass of milk.

"You got to grab life by the lips and yank as hard as you can!" Saranoia continued as she didn't notice the commission next door caused a bowl and a box of oatmeal to fall from the shelves. "See anything from the want ads?" Saranoia asked taking a bite out of just dunked in milk snack.

"Yeah! but nothing as the prestige of working at 'Walter's wonderful world of waffles'" Timon said referring to the job Saranoia had just recently got them fired from. "So what do think Yin's gonna say when she hears you got fired again?" Timon said to Saranoia as she was wiping her chin off.
Yin?" Sara said Remembering something."Oh Foo! what time is it?" Sara ask as an arm crashed through the wall, much to their suprise. Sara then grab the arm so she could a better look at the arm's watch."7:30?" Sara said in a shocked voice."Oh boy! I gotta go. See you later, Timon." Sara said as she ran out the door. As Timon just went back to his paper."Stupid!"


"So What's your excuse this time?" Asked a 24-year-old pink bunny, who was wearing a brown business suit, a plaid striped skirt, brown heels and a brown scrunchy for her ears. Her name was Yin. She's a level six Woo Foo Warrior and the girlfriend of Saranoia's. who's been (once again) late their one of dates.

Saranoia sighs."Well Timon and I were having a serious discussion of our various career options. Say I really like what you've done with you ears? They really give you a Babs Bunny sorta..."

Saranoia said trying chance the subject, which Yin doesn't fall for."Sara did you get fired again?" Yin asked.
YES! IT'S ALL TRUE!" Saranoia screamed while banging her head between screams "I JUST! DON'T KNOW! WHAT WRONG WITH ME!" Saranoia then lifts her from the table and asks "So, what's for dinner?"

Saranoia then walks up to the stove and lifts the lid from the pot." Mashed Potatoes? My favorite!" Saranoia happily says as she puts a spoon in it."Yinnie, you shouldn't have!" Saranoia then walks to the table with the pot of mash potatoes in hand.

"Sara!" Yin said annoyed as she pulled her dinner out of the microwave.

"When are you gonna take things more seriously?" Yin Asked her girlfriend whos been putting a spoonful of Mash Potatoes on her plate. But then looks at the plate wide-eyed and starts putting more on."I mean, you been wandering aimlessly from job to job ever since we started dating. If you could just get overactive Imagination of yours to work for you instead of against you maybe you could..." Yin then stopped what she was say when she saw that Saranoia has just finished sculpting what appears to be a model volcano out of mash potatoes.

"What are you Doing?" Yin asks

"This means something!" Saranoia said in serious tone."This is Important!"

Which Yin just rolls her eyes at and just sits down to eat her dinner.


Meanwhile at the annual Noia-Rodriguez family reunion, Saranoia was talking about her recent unemployment with her aunt, Vexus Rodriguez.
"Oh Sara! That is just terrible." Vexus said. "But don't you worry, your a fine young woman. I'm sure you'll get another job right away." Vexus reassured her niece. "You got such a good face!" Vexus said as she called a friend over."I mean will you look at this face!" Vexus said while pinching Saranoia's cheeks. "Is this a face you could just die for?" Vexus said as she started to stretch the cheek way far back.She then lets go of the cheek which a makes whatever the sound of pulling someone's flesh and then letting go is.the friend then silently agrees and then walks away.

"So, where's uncle Bender?" Saranoia asked while rubbing her cheek."I haven't seen him all night."

"Oh I'm pretty sure he's at a last minute business meeting!" Vexus said while nodding her head.


Meanwhile at the last minute business meeting.

"Two pair, Aces high!" Said the alcoholic, former whore-mongering, chain smoking, gambling robot as he put his hand on the table. Groans were then heard from his poker 'Buddies' as Bender had just won another round. a phone began to ring as Bender quickly got it."Yeah what?" Bender answered Rudely."Hey Doc!"

"I just wanted to congratulate you, Mr. Rodriguez." said a man on the phone whose voice sounds like he smoke 20 chaingangs of cigarettes. his name id Doctor Claw. owner of MAD and beside him on the desk was his pet cat MAD Cat."You did very well at the track this afternoon."

"Oh Really? I won again? that great! Thanks Doc, bye!" Bender said as he hung up the phone."Now what are doing here?"

"It's your deal, Bender." His chump... I mean chum Delete said.


Meanwhile back at reunion, Saranoia was trying to get a puppygriff that she found somewhere to drink some fruit punch. But thats not something to talk about so lets go to Vexus and Bender.

"Oh hi honey! Did you finished your meeting?" Vexus asked.

"Oh yeah, yeah, and business was great tonight." Bender answered as he counted his wad of cash.

"Bender! Have you been gambling again?" Vexus asked her husband, annoyed.

"Hey! What you complaining about?"Bender countered as Vexus rolled her eyes." This is for when you shopping on 'rodeo drive'!"Bender laughed as his put his wad in his chest cabinet. But before he could close it, Vexus pulled out something that caught her eye.

"What's this?" Vexus asked looking over the piece of paper.

"Oh, that's the deed to Channel 62." Bender answered. "I won it with a pair of sevens, I was bluffing."

"Channel 62?" Vexus said to herself thinking if that name meant something."Never heard of it!"

"I'm not surprised! More people watch the fishbowl down at Gary's pet store." Bender replied."It's a little UHF station down at the edge of town. It's been on the brink of bankruptcy for years! It's too bad I gotta dump it." Bender then tried to take the deed back. But Vexus however had other plans.

"Oh Really?" Vexus said stopping a confused Bender."I kinda like the idea of having are own TV Station."

"Forget about it!" Bender said, taking the deed back."They can't even find somebody to mange the place anymore."This then give Vexus an idea. An awful  idea. Vexus got a wonderful awful idea. (at least to Bender it is.)
"Bender! I know someone who'd be perfect for the job!"Vexus said.

"Oh yeah? Whose that?" Bender asked as Vexus looked straight at...

"Sara! Sara sweetie! can you come over here for a second?" Saranoia then dropped the puppygriff in the punch bowl as she left to see what her aunt wanted.

"Oh No!" Bender said disgusted. "No! Not her! Forget it! There is no way I'm making her the manager of my new TV station!"
("That's nice Kev.")
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This very good chapter
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